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The opening of the new ANNA CORI store in Vitan-Bucharest Mall, on Friday, 19th May, was a remarkable event which brought together the most famous Romanian fashion bloggers and vloggers. The coffee meeting organised in the fascinating universe of ANNA CORI footwear, handbags and accessories attracted an impressive number of fashion lovers, the 115 square meters store resulting scanty to its visitors.

Anca Lungu, ANNA CORI brand ambassador, present at the inauguration, declared herself excited to be part of the wonderful team that shaped this success story.

The discussions focused on the original and elegant design of the products, on their exceptional quality and also on the 27 years-old history of the DENIS Factory, one of the most modern footwear and leather goods manufacturing factory in Eastern Europe, owner of ANNA CORI and DENIS brands, where all the products in the store are being manufactured.

Here is what some of the bloggers and vloggers who took part in the inauguration event declared:

Alina Ceuşan: “I have found out about ANNA CORI brand in 2010, when I bought a pair of red shoes for my sister Carla on Christmas. ANNA CORI is a Romanian brand, but creates quality products you would not have expected.”

Fabulous Muses – Diana Enciu&Alina Tanasă: “ANNA CORI is a nice surprise for a Romanian brand and we appreciated the quality and design of its products. We have always supported the Romanian brands and we are glad to be together at the opening of a new store.”

Laura Giurcanu: “An extraordinary atmosphere, full of energy, beautiful. ANNA CORI is an exceptional Romanian brand. Thank you.”

Laura Muşuroaea: “I am very happy to see fresh, modern products that are manufactured here, in Romania.”

Antonia Negrău: “Here, at ANNA CORI, I am pleasantly surprised to meet wonderful people full of positive energy. I am glad to discover a Romanian brand where the quality and design of its products rank first.”

Noemi Meilman: “I liked the fact that ANNA CORI is made in Romania (Suceava). I liked the models (...). Congratulations! Good luck!”

Irina Markovits: “It is encouraging that a Romanian brand has such a scale on the fashion market, reaching over 30 stores. Wonderful handmade craft, very beautiful models, excellent tonemap!”

Scenographer Beatrice Dinu and artist designer Cristina Gazner Cristescu were among the guests who expressed their impressions:
“I am pleased with this presence on the Romanian market. Each product is based on an extraordinary concept, while the design line combines utility and elegance.” (Beatrice Dinu)
“A colourful universe bringing together different styles (sport, elegant, casual) to every persons’ taste. Quality products and impeccable image.
My most sincere compliments! We support local brands!”(Cristina Gazner Cristescu)

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